Visitor Hall Fjordenhus

Fjordenhus (Fjord House) is the first building designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and his team of architects at Studio Olafur Eliasson. The building serves as the headquarters for KIRK KAPITAL A/S, which commissioned the project. Fjordenhus is a contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk, or ‘total work of art’, and incorporates many site-specific artworks by Eliasson as well as specially designed furniture and lighting. To date, it is Olafur Eliasson’s biggest work of art.

Lulu Mosquito was commissioned to create a permanent exhibition in the basement at Fjordenhus. The idea of the exhibition is to document the building process, the numerous challenges and the thoughts behind the artworks, and to provide a timeline covering the 10 years it took to build Fjordenhus. The exhibition is open to the public, but it is necessary to book a guide.



It was a fun task to review all the material to select what was most relevant. Lulu chose neutral black frames for some of the pictures and matching black and elegant glass cases from Sovet. Everything has a simple and slightly industrial look which goes well with the raw concrete basement and Olafur’s beautiful building. The captions were printed on large, transparent plexiglass panels, resulting in an elegant and floating look. Lulu was also responsible for the photography, image processing, copywriting, translation, production and final design.

Fjordenhus is formed of four intersecting cylinders, each 28 metres high. Rising out of the water, Fjordenhus forges a striking new connection between Vejle Fjord and Vejle city centre – one of Jutland’s thriving economic hubs. Locals and visitors can access the ground floor of Fjordenhus via a narrow footbridge, or view the building from the jetty, which was designed by landscape architect Günther Vogt. The building is uniquely located in a hybrid of nature, urban and industrial areas.

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