The oceans cover about 70 per cent of the world’s surface. At a glance, most water looks the same, but beneath the surface you’ll find a rich and intriguing marine life. If you walk along the coast, you will often discover exciting and beautiful things washed ashore. Exquisite stones and shells lie scattered along the water’s edge. There are often rich pickings to be had after a heavy storm.

Seashells have always been fascinating creations. Their organic shapes are so different and alien compared to things found on land. Each little shell is a piece of art in itself, and many of them are useful in décor. Occasionally, you can find shops selling more rare and beautiful shells, where you can buy a shell to take home as a souvenir from a memorable trip or journey.

Unfortunately, the water’s edge is also home to lots of inorganic objects these days. So next time you go for a walk along the shoreline, hoping to find a beautiful small stone, take a rubbish bag with you and collect some of the plastic and used packaging you find. That way, you’re taking a little from nature, but also giving something back! 

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