Lulu’s glass domes

A still life, also called nature morte, is a painting of an arrangement of inanimate objects, e.g. flowers, fruit, vases etc. Artists have been painting still lifes since the late Middle Ages. The arrangements often tell a little story, and can be executed in many ways, but one of Lulu Mosquito's absolute favourites is to place the arrangement under a glass dome. When something is displayed under glass, it highlights the objects. It becomes special, something that stands out from the rest – like at a museum.

A beautiful and harmonious still life arrangement brings things together by virtue of their colours, shapes and geometry. Aesthetically, the arrangement must be pleasing to the eye. Choose carefully what you want to highlight under your glass dome. For instance, think in terms of contrasting materials with harmonious colours, or vice versa. You can easily add a humorous touch by choosing beautiful kitsch items or your children’s crooked clay figures from kindergarten. 

Choose objects that mean something to you – it might be a memento. For example, we have used a porcelain figure that was a personal memento of a dearly loved person, some sea shells and stones found on a lovely excursion, and some home-made clay experiments. After all, still life arrangements are all about your skills at composition. At Lulu Mosquito, we sell a small selection of our own still life arrangements. We carefully select each object to ensure that each dome is completely unique and that ONLY one version exists. Check out Lulu’s glass domes in the webshop.

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