Kirk Kapital Copenhagen

Kirk Kapital is an investment/capital fund founded in 2007. The headquarter is placed in the iconic Fjordenhus in Vejle, but it also has a branch in Copenhagen located in Hellerup near Tuborg harbor. The building is a major office space domicile in multiple stories which is placed right on the waterfront. It has panorama windows on all sides, making the rooms very bright and allowing for the décor and interior design to be in darker colors and leather, making great contrasts to the minimalistic Nordic building design with a classic touch.

Lulu Mosquito was tasked with designing the interior of the offices, including the front counter and kitchen. Because the headquarters are placed in Fjordenhus, the instinct was to create a similar design in the Copenhagen offices - to maintain the correlation in interior design which signifies the company and business model overall.

The color scheme was very natural, bringing raw elements into the design. Earth, water, wind and fire were the inspiration for the colors, which creates contrasts for the entire room. The materials used were also chosen to create contrast by shifting between see-through and completely covering materials and textiles such as wool and transparent textile from Kvadrat Zulu and Hero. The textiles also have the purpose of creating spaces within the established space, that could have differing practical purposes like meetings or workspaces.

The surfaces in the design were chosen to align with the general materials of the building; Glass, while also staying in touch with the fact that the rooms would be used for professional business. We chose to repeat the use of glass, while also including materials such as concrete tiles, burnished brash and linoleum, which combine very well in a glass setting.

The lighting of the offices was chosen to be Occio Mito ‘circles’ which are simple in design, but comes in different variations that fit perfectly into each room placement. For instance, the lamps in the meeting room are clad with the same burnished brass as mentioned earlier, while the lamp by the front counter is in a more light, grey metal.

The lounge area was designed to be warm and seem small and cozy, to make an inviting place to sit in a relatively large cold office space with big windows. The sofas in this space were designed by the poet Finn Juul. The blankets here and in other places come from Kvadrat, and are called Bravour, which is also how they handled creating the spaces within the space – with bravour!

The furniture is where the leather enters, and for the chairs and sofas, Lulu Mosquito specially designed tables matching the design in some of the rooms. The Mesa Due meeting tables from Poltrona Frau are also made in leather, which is unique and adds a sensory touch to the entire design. The leather chairs and bar stools are from Sibast, and make a comfortable and stylish icing on the cake.

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