Restaurant Remouladen

Remouladen is a restaurant situated overlooking the marina in Vejle Fjord. It occupies a prominent position on the waterfront and offers the most stunning views of both the inlet and the woods. Lulu was commissioned to design the interior and to create an evocative, tasteful and relaxed restaurant atmosphere that would testify to the high quality of the location whilst at the same time being a cosy and welcoming environment. The brief was: “Maritime, tasteful and simple, but spiced up with clever details and a modern relaxed vibe. Nordic, but international.”

Walls: To create the hyggelige, maritime atmosphere, we chose an inexpensive, but very evocative material. Pinewood planks were sandblasted and ‘burnt’ to make the surface appear worn. The wooden walls provide a rustic and warm atmosphere, one which contrasts nicely with the shiny, cold window sections that extend the entire side of the restaurant. In addition, we decided to paint some of the walls in a navy-blue colour. The light in the room is overwhelming, so we didn’t have to worry about dark surfaces. The blue colour beautifully emphasises the natural maritime mood of the restaurant.

Lighting: The large round ceiling lamps with ‘candles’ offer a warm glow at night. The lamps create an intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of the inns and bars of olden days, but where the sometimes seedy undertones are now replaced with a homely and welcoming mood. Over the merchant’s counter at the entrance and in the saloon bar we hung Rubn Long John lamps. These lamps also contribute to a cosy and unpretentious, yet modern look, with the mix of brass, steel and leather creating a luxurious and maritime ambience.

Decorating the entrance posed something of a challenge. The long narrow room is intended to welcome guests while accommodating a number of practical features, without it being untidy. We chose to build a merchant’s counter from the same ‘burnt’ pinewood as the walls, partly to give the room a coherent look, but also to be able to hide the less-than-attractive, yet practical workstations. The counter therefore incorporates a meat ageing cabinet, a small bar where guests can wait for each other, the waiters’ booking and seating desk as well as all the equipment required for the large outdoor terrace, e.g. candles, trays, blankets, menus etc.

The furniture in the restaurant is a mix of custom-made tables and Danish designer pieces. The chairs are the Johansson J64 Chair designed by Ejvind A. Johansson. Johansson’s chair draws a parallel to traditional Windsor chairs as well as Nordic folk furniture. The curved chair with sloping arms works well as a comfortable dining chair. The large hand-built model ships on the wall are displayed hanging in stringent and simple glass showcases, adding further to the maritime feel and the air of luxury. All in all, we think we have successfully lived up to the brief, of creating an interior that is “maritime, tasteful and simple, but spiced up with clever details and a modern relaxed vibe.”

Lulu Mosquito also selected the table decorations, table lamps, flowers, menu designs etc. We regularly visit the restaurant to update the look, and of course take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal!

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