Schleich animals

Some small children love playing with Schleich toy animals. The lifelike plastic animal figurines are very alluring. Small works of art. Gradually, while buying for the kids, you might've amassed something resembling a small Noah’s Ark, however with a preponderance of horses and dinosaurs. When the kids grow up, the animals can move from the children’s rooms into your creative workshop, to be decorated, personalised and turned them into your own little works of art. We sell them regularly at Lulu Mosquito – look under Unique.

From the Schleich website: “How long the modelling takes depends on the figure itself. A dog takes two weeks, while a horse, designed down to the smallest hair, takes three and a dinosaur takes up to eight weeks. Each hair and every fold of skin is applied individually. If the last model withstands all the tests, a prototype is made from synthetic resin. And here, at the latest, we involve specialists from museums or zoos. Only if the prototype meets the high requirements of these experts’ critical eyes have we created a lifelike depiction of nature we can feel satisfied with.”


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