Stone & Decor

We are all familiar with stone being used in the home in the form of stone floors, stone tiles, stone worktops etc. The different types of stone used for these purposes are often exquisite and distinctive, such as marble, granite, shale and quartzite. At the same time, there's something special about ordinary little stones, like the ones you would find on the beach, in your garden or beside the road. Each and every one is unique and characterful. When you remove them from their environment and style them in your home, they become small works of art that can remind you of a memorable experience or a nice place you have visited.

Of course, you can also give stones a completely personal touch by winding string around them, pouring liquid over them, braiding them in bast fibre or something else entirely. This makes for both decorative and beautiful items. For your inspiration, here are some of the stones that adorn one of our designed homes.


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