Styling Cushions

Cushions can add a very special touch to your home interior. They are decorative when placed on your sofa or bed, a bit like pictures on a wall. Often FAR too many cushions pile up, and you might have to arrange them on the sofa in the same painstaking way as when creating paper collages. It does get a little exhausting fluffing them, but flat cushions that have been sat on and are out of shape are NOT pretty to look at! Find out how many cushions you have the energy to ‘maintain’, and enjoy them!


The beauty of cushions is that you can quickly change your style and rearrange your living room. Combine materials, mix textures and match colours, but be careful – don’t overdo the colour mixing, or you’ll end up with a messy and disharmonious look.

At Lulu, we also create our own luxury cushion collections. Check out our Interior section to see what we’re currently selling. Most collections are limited editions and are only available while stocks last.

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