Time for spooks and candy

We've reached that time of year where everything outside changes nearing the end of the year. The beautiful autumn colors are a treat to watch from indside your house while spending time with your friends and family making pumpkin heads for the most cozy and scary holiday of the year - Halloween! At Lulu Mosquito, we love autumn colors, treats and plenty of tricks! 


Most know halloween as an american tradition, filled with scary vibes, carved pumpkins and children dressed in scary costumes ringing doorbells and going "trick or treat!".

But It's actually also an old european tradition, coming from the celtic community. This was the day to say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the new, and people were convinced that the dead rose from the grave to haunt the living on this day. To keep the spirits at bay, they would hollow out sugar beets, carve faces in them and use them as lantern, while masks and other costumes would trick the spirits into thinking the celts were also spirits. 

The halloween tradition probably arrived in USA with decendants of the celts, but lacking the sugar beets, they started using pumpkins.

The christian church celebrates All Hallows Eve, which is often confused with halloween. This day, the saints that do not have their own seperate celebration days are celebrated, but over time All Hallows Eve and Halloween traditions have melted together. 

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