Valhalla in the woods

Deep in the woods lies a big house. It’s a recently constructed Nordic house which is slightly reminiscent of Valhalla, in Norse mythology the enormous hall in Asgard which was ruled over by the god Odin. It has wooden shingles on the roof and massive beams supporting the 17-metre high building, like guy lines on a tent. In fact, it was the idea of a tent that inspired the design of the building.

Lulu Mosquito, in collaboration with the client and the architect, was involved throughout the construction process, from the early ideas phase until the final structure was ready. When the project reached the interior decorating phase, Lulu was given free rein. The brief was to create a forest house that was practical, rustic, Nordic and which would inspire thoughts of outdoor living. Camp is home!


The grand hall contains a banqueting hall, dining room and living room. The building also includes toilets, a bar, a kitchen and an industrial kitchen. The room is high – 17 metres to the ceiling. We therefore chose heavy, rustic tables that would take up some space. The solid wooden tables are made of recycled wood from Thor Design. The delicate design of the Wishbone Chairs contrasts well with the massive furniture. The hand-woven seats hark back to Danish craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Hans J. Wegner designed the Wishbone Chair in 1950 and, despite its flimsy appearance, it is a very stable piece of furniture.

The ceiling lamps were designed specially by the architect, while the alcoves are fitted with the Rubn Long John pendant lamp. The way the materials are combined in this lamp gives it a cool camp-like feel. The built-in benches are decorated with luxury cushions made from check wool fabrics. The cushions were custom-designed for the house by Lulu. Above the benches, the family’s private forest memories are displayed, printed on wooden boards. The bar features mouth-blown, green glass pendant lamps, while the bar stools are of vintage design and the kitchen/bar is from Kvänum Kitchen.

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